For optimal visitor experiences, the exhibition is reservation only. Each time slot is only available for 5 people by reservation order.
1. It is suggested to reserve time slots in advance to ensure availability.
2. Reservations are open for the next 30 days in the system. Each person can only reserve one time slot each day. Multiple reservations on the same day will be canceled.
3. After submitting the reservation form, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Check your spam folder as well.
4. Please reserve time slots with your real name. Children under 12 should be accompanied by adults.
5. To cancel your reservation, please do so at least one day beforehand, so more people will be able to enjoy the exhibition. To change your time slot, please cancel your current reservation, before reserving another time slot online.
6. People without confirmation email screenshots or print copies are not allowed to enter.
7. Please check in at the entrance within 15 minutes of your designated time slot with your ID cards or passports, or your reservation will be canceled.
8. Under the pandemic, visitors are required to provide contact information, wear face mask, and take temperatures at entrance.
9. The organizer may amend, change, or announce additional requirements without prior notice.

* Personal information is only used for visit reservation and pandemic requirements. The museum follows regulations in Personal Information Protection Act to protect your personal information.
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