Brief History
Brief History
On January, professor Huang Chien-Hung has succeed the director of KdMoFA.
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room-The Print of Nature: A Solo Exhibition by Yang Ming-Dye」﹑「Visible or Invisible Forms: Chen Yujun, Qin Qi, and Xu Xiaoguo」﹑「Future Theatre」﹑「Fight Club – Hantoo 20th 」… On February, professor Lin Hong John has succeed the director of KdMoFA from professor Chu Teh-I. From July to December, host「IS/IN LAND: Mongolian-Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exchange Project」﹑「Taoist Trinity Fairyland Kao Junhonn Solo Exhibition」﹑「Red Ruins, Absurd Realities: Works by Li Yongzheng(2012-2018)」 On October, host the sixth biennale exhibition of KdMoFA「Seven Questions for Asia- 2018 KUANDU BIENNALE
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room-RECALLING-H. N. Han Solo Exhibition」﹑「Sense and Sensibility – Works by Korean Women Artists」﹑「WSD2017」﹑「Masterpiece Room – Huang Ming-Che」… From July to December, host「A New Vision of Printmaking」﹑「MAO XUHUI:I’M HERE」﹑「Masterpiece Room-Soul Gazing upon Life: A Solo Exhibition by Chuang Ling」﹑「So Far, So Right: A Study of Reforms and Transitions Across Borders」… On October, host the Kuandu Arts Festival of KdMoFA「Tropical Cyclone」.
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room - Liao Shiou-Ping and His Artworks」﹑「Chen Wenji: Solo Exhibition in Taipei」﹑「LIMBO – Dawn, Chen-Ping Solo Exhibition」﹑「Analog Welcome, Digital Archive」﹑「Masterpiece Room - Kim Yong-Sik Solo Exhibition」… From July to December, host「Discordant Harmony」﹑「The Literature and the Art Practice of Chang Kuang-Bin」﹑「BAMBOO GROVE by Marvin Minto Fang」﹑「Springs Eternal: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence - 12 Years from Taiwan」… On October, host the fifth biennale exhibition of KdMoFA「Slaying Monsters- 2016 KUANDU BIENNALE
From January to early July, host 「"Maintaining _ Body" Movement Topology & Tracks in the City」﹑「Becoming TNUA: Entering Our History」﹑「Base Piece–E Chen Solo Exhibition」﹑「Your Skin Makes Me Cry」﹑「Wandering in the Creative Play of Forms and Materials」… From last July to December, host 「One Piece Room Yang Jeong-Dih Solo Exhibition」﹑「The End of Modernity in Calligraphy: From Yuichi Inoue, Lee Ufan to Zhang Yu」﹑「Flamboyant˙Mobile˙Interactive Formosa Wall Painting Group」﹑「ART SPACE: GERMANY」… On October, host the Kuandu Arts Festival of Kdmofa「REWIND_ Video Art in Taiwan 1983-1999」.
From January to July, host 「Sin City 00:00:00:00」﹑「One Piece Room Chen Shun-Chu Solo Exhibition」﹑「Asia Anarchy Alliance」﹑「POST- movements:Nights of Café Müller」… From July 31th to August 1st, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Wang, Jun-Jieh.
From January to July, host 「HERE IS THERE THERE IS HERE–A Solo Exhibition by HOSHINA, Toyomi」﹑「One Piece Room Lee Yi-Hong Solo Exhibition」﹑「Old Plates New Prints-A Solo Exhibition by Shaih Lifa」﹑「CHOU YING An Ode to Printmaking : A Retrospective」﹑「The Prints of WU Hao」… From July 31th to August 1st, professor Wang, Jun-Jieh has succeed the director of Kdmofa. from professor Chu Teh-I. From August to December, host「TechArt Renaissance - A Retrospective of Art and Technology」﹑「Futures on the Table: Home‧Artist‧Relationship」﹑「The Islands of the day before」…
Taipei National University of the Arts 30th anniversary. From January to July, host 「Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival」﹑「 Visual Rhetoric of a Generation」﹑「Production of Senses:When Knowledge Becomes Attitude」﹑「Creators of Dialogue」﹑「One Piece Room Drifting Towards An End-Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition」… From August to December, host 「Manifestation of Homunculi」﹑「The Standing Art: International Sculpture Exhibition」… On October, host the third biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「Artist in Wonderland- 2012 KUANDU BIENNALE」.
From January to July, host「2011 NEW Directions:Trans-Plex」,「Tranquillity through windows-Ni Tsai-Chin solo exhibition」,「2011Haiku-Sculpture : International Exhibition for Art Academies」,「My Australia」. On March, the first ONE PIECE ROOM series, 「Lee Shi-Chi」solo exhibition. From August to December, host 「1+1: A Cross-Strait-Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project」,「SKY-2011 Asia Plate & Print Exhibition」. On November, host a memorial exhibition「A Salute To Szeto Keung」.
From January to July, host「This Is Hong Kong」,「Post-Adolescence」… On August, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Wang, Sung-Shan. From August to December, host「Di-stances」,「VOIDS BETWEEN SCENES-resident artist exhibition」,「Da-Sueh Shan, International drift-wood art festival」… On October, host the second biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「Memories and Beyond- 2010 Kuandu Biennale」.
From January to July, host 「Taiwan - Israel Young Artists Interchanging Exhibition」, 「About The Orientation of 21 Century Artists」,「Life, Illusion of Bodies- Lee, Kuang Yu Solo-Show」, 「Fingerprints - The Trace of Zhang Yu's Practice」… On April, President Jammeh of the Republic of The Gambia and the delegation have visit Kdmofa, On August, professor Wang, Sung-Shan has acted on behalf of the director of Kdmofa. From August to December, host 「Weak Painting」,「Driftwood Sculpture Festival」,「 Comedies」,「Life of Dancing Steel-Chang Tsu Lung solo exhibition」…
From January to August, host 「Pillow Project」﹑「Back to the Root:A Retrospective of LIN Hsin-Yueh」﹑「CO-Q Young Taiwan Artists From Nobody Collection」﹑「Intimate Trend」… From September to December, host 「Between Philosophy and Poetry-Sculpture Exhibition for the 89th Anniversary of Lee Tsai Chien」﹑「Journey to Natural Path Calligraphy & Shanshui by Chang Kuang-Pin」﹑「ROOM 19」… On October, host the first biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「I have a Dream- 2008 Kuandu Biennale」.
Taipei National University of the Arts 25th anniversary. From January to July, host「Boom! An interplay of Fast and Frozen Permutation in New Media- Taiwan Australian New Media Arts Exhibition」﹑「Eastern Gouache, Heavy Color and Mineral Color Painting」… From August to December, host 「The First Taipei Contemporary Ink Painting Biennale」﹑ 「Dare to Art-The Genealogy of TNUA Fine Art College」﹑「Wandering in the Poetry」… On August, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Shi Rui-Ren.
Re-open on 12th March 2005. Inaugural Exhibition-2005 Kuandu Extravaganza. On July-August, Shi Jui-Jen continued from Chu Teh-I to be the new director of KDMOFA.
Remodel of the Museum interior completed by Jou-Ming Lin Architect.
In April together with National Palace Museum, hosted "Landscapes of the Soul:An Exhibition Commemorating Chiang Chao-shen", coordinated by Lee Yi-Hong. In August Chu Teh-l was appointed the Director of the Museum. Museum committee members are Chang Tsu-Lung, Lin Chang-Hu, Chang Cheng-Jen, Dawn Cheng-Ping, Yang Chi-Wen, Ping Hsing, Le Ping-Ping and Jiang Yen-Chou. Lai Hsian-Ling and Lin Jou-Ming, the architect, start the museum interior remodelling plan.
In March, together with National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, KdMoFA staged the exhibition:"Waves Striking: One Hundred Years of Taiwanese Arts", curated by Liao Jen-l and Hu Yung-Fen. After the success of the exhibition, KdMoFA obtained a substantial grant from the Education Department of Taiwan to re-model the interior of the museum.
Chiu Kun-Liang, the principal of TNUA, established "Museum Preparation Committee". Chu Teh-l, the Director of Fine Arts Department, was appointed the coordinator of the project committee. The committee members includes Chang Tsu-Lung, Lai Chi-Man, Lin Hui-,Cheng, Yang Chi-Wen, Ping Hsing, and Le Ping-Ping.
Museum construction was completed.
Construction work of the museum building, designed by Lee Tsu-Yuan, began.
Ma Shui-Long, the former President of the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), launched "The Museum Planning Project" for the preparation of a new museum. Chang Tsu-Lung as coordinator of the project committee. Committee members include Chao Kuo-Tsung, Lai Rei-Ying, Lai Chi-Man, Chu Teh-l, Lin Hsin-Yueh, Dawn Chen-Ping, and Ho Huai-Shao.
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