Brief History
Brief History
On December, host the seventh biennale exhibition of KdMoFA「2020 Kuandu Biennale Jun Yang The Artist, His Collaborators, Their Exhibition, and Three Venues」.

From July to November, host「A YARD OF INKLINGS Solo Exhibition By REICHRICHTER」﹑「Rustle of Existence: Shinji Ohmaki Solo Exhibition」﹑「2020 Kuandu Light Art Festival—Quantum Entanglement」.

From January to June, host 「WE ARE BOUND TO MEET」﹑「May Co-sensus: Demo-stream in Democracy」﹑「Zhao Gang 21st : Supports /ColorLumps as Anthropography of History」﹑「Spacetime: Chu Teh-I Solo Exhibition 2020」﹑「SCORE: Moving from “Art as Method” toward “ALIA as Method”」.
On October host the Kuandu Arts Festival of KdMoFA「BOOCHOA」.

From July to December, host「Letter.Callus.Post-War」﹑「Infinitrace - Rao Fu」﹑「Virtual Bauhaus」.

From January to June, host 「On the Verge of Fiction」﹑「Pacific Pirate」﹑「Laceration」﹑「On Demand」.

On January, professor Huang Chien-Hung has succeed the director of KdMoFA.
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room-The Print of Nature: A Solo Exhibition by Yang Ming-Dye」﹑「Visible or Invisible Forms: Chen Yujun, Qin Qi, and Xu Xiaoguo」﹑「Future Theatre」﹑「Fight Club – Hantoo 20th 」… On February, professor Lin Hong John has succeed the director of KdMoFA from professor Chu Teh-I. From July to December, host「IS/IN LAND: Mongolian-Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exchange Project」﹑「Taoist Trinity Fairyland Kao Junhonn Solo Exhibition」﹑「Red Ruins, Absurd Realities: Works by Li Yongzheng(2012-2018)」 On October, host the sixth biennale exhibition of KdMoFA「Seven Questions for Asia- 2018 KUANDU BIENNALE
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room-RECALLING-H. N. Han Solo Exhibition」﹑「Sense and Sensibility – Works by Korean Women Artists」﹑「WSD2017」﹑「Masterpiece Room – Huang Ming-Che」… From July to December, host「A New Vision of Printmaking」﹑「MAO XUHUI:I’M HERE」﹑「Masterpiece Room-Soul Gazing upon Life: A Solo Exhibition by Chuang Ling」﹑「So Far, So Right: A Study of Reforms and Transitions Across Borders」… On October, host the Kuandu Arts Festival of KdMoFA「Tropical Cyclone」.
From January to July, host 「Masterpiece Room - Liao Shiou-Ping and His Artworks」﹑「Chen Wenji: Solo Exhibition in Taipei」﹑「LIMBO – Dawn, Chen-Ping Solo Exhibition」﹑「Analog Welcome, Digital Archive」﹑「Masterpiece Room - Kim Yong-Sik Solo Exhibition」… From July to December, host「Discordant Harmony」﹑「The Literature and the Art Practice of Chang Kuang-Bin」﹑「BAMBOO GROVE by Marvin Minto Fang」﹑「Springs Eternal: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence - 12 Years from Taiwan」… On October, host the fifth biennale exhibition of KdMoFA「Slaying Monsters- 2016 KUANDU BIENNALE
From January to early July, host 「"Maintaining _ Body" Movement Topology & Tracks in the City」﹑「Becoming TNUA: Entering Our History」﹑「Base Piece–E Chen Solo Exhibition」﹑「Your Skin Makes Me Cry」﹑「Wandering in the Creative Play of Forms and Materials」… From last July to December, host 「One Piece Room Yang Jeong-Dih Solo Exhibition」﹑「The End of Modernity in Calligraphy: From Yuichi Inoue, Lee Ufan to Zhang Yu」﹑「Flamboyant˙Mobile˙Interactive Formosa Wall Painting Group」﹑「ART SPACE: GERMANY」… On October, host the Kuandu Arts Festival of Kdmofa「REWIND_ Video Art in Taiwan 1983-1999」.
From January to July, host 「Sin City 00:00:00:00」﹑「One Piece Room Chen Shun-Chu Solo Exhibition」﹑「Asia Anarchy Alliance」﹑「POST- movements:Nights of Café Müller」… From July 31th to August 1st, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Wang, Jun-Jieh.
From January to July, host 「HERE IS THERE THERE IS HERE–A Solo Exhibition by HOSHINA, Toyomi」﹑「One Piece Room Lee Yi-Hong Solo Exhibition」﹑「Old Plates New Prints-A Solo Exhibition by Shaih Lifa」﹑「CHOU YING An Ode to Printmaking : A Retrospective」﹑「The Prints of WU Hao」… From July 31th to August 1st, professor Wang, Jun-Jieh has succeed the director of Kdmofa. from professor Chu Teh-I. From August to December, host「TechArt Renaissance - A Retrospective of Art and Technology」﹑「Futures on the Table: Home‧Artist‧Relationship」﹑「The Islands of the day before」…
Taipei National University of the Arts 30th anniversary. From January to July, host 「Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival」﹑「 Visual Rhetoric of a Generation」﹑「Production of Senses:When Knowledge Becomes Attitude」﹑「Creators of Dialogue」﹑「One Piece Room Drifting Towards An End-Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition」… From August to December, host 「Manifestation of Homunculi」﹑「The Standing Art: International Sculpture Exhibition」… On October, host the third biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「Artist in Wonderland- 2012 KUANDU BIENNALE」.
From January to July, host「2011 NEW Directions:Trans-Plex」,「Tranquillity through windows-Ni Tsai-Chin solo exhibition」,「2011Haiku-Sculpture : International Exhibition for Art Academies」,「My Australia」. On March, the first ONE PIECE ROOM series, 「Lee Shi-Chi」solo exhibition. From August to December, host 「1+1: A Cross-Strait-Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project」,「SKY-2011 Asia Plate & Print Exhibition」. On November, host a memorial exhibition「A Salute To Szeto Keung」.
From January to July, host「This Is Hong Kong」,「Post-Adolescence」… On August, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Wang, Sung-Shan. From August to December, host「Di-stances」,「VOIDS BETWEEN SCENES-resident artist exhibition」,「Da-Sueh Shan, International drift-wood art festival」… On October, host the second biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「Memories and Beyond- 2010 Kuandu Biennale」.
From January to July, host 「Taiwan - Israel Young Artists Interchanging Exhibition」, 「About The Orientation of 21 Century Artists」,「Life, Illusion of Bodies- Lee, Kuang Yu Solo-Show」, 「Fingerprints - The Trace of Zhang Yu's Practice」… On April, President Jammeh of the Republic of The Gambia and the delegation have visit Kdmofa, On August, professor Wang, Sung-Shan has acted on behalf of the director of Kdmofa. From August to December, host 「Weak Painting」,「Driftwood Sculpture Festival」,「 Comedies」,「Life of Dancing Steel-Chang Tsu Lung solo exhibition」…
From January to August, host 「Pillow Project」﹑「Back to the Root:A Retrospective of LIN Hsin-Yueh」﹑「CO-Q Young Taiwan Artists From Nobody Collection」﹑「Intimate Trend」… From September to December, host 「Between Philosophy and Poetry-Sculpture Exhibition for the 89th Anniversary of Lee Tsai Chien」﹑「Journey to Natural Path Calligraphy & Shanshui by Chang Kuang-Pin」﹑「ROOM 19」… On October, host the first biennale exhibition of Kdmofa「I have a Dream- 2008 Kuandu Biennale」.
Taipei National University of the Arts 25th anniversary. From January to July, host「Boom! An interplay of Fast and Frozen Permutation in New Media- Taiwan Australian New Media Arts Exhibition」﹑「Eastern Gouache, Heavy Color and Mineral Color Painting」… From August to December, host 「The First Taipei Contemporary Ink Painting Biennale」﹑ 「Dare to Art-The Genealogy of TNUA Fine Art College」﹑「Wandering in the Poetry」… On August, professor Chu Teh-I has succeed the director of Kdmofa from professor Shi Rui-Ren.
Re-open on 12th March 2005. Inaugural Exhibition-2005 Kuandu Extravaganza. On July-August, Shi Jui-Jen continued from Chu Teh-I to be the new director of KDMOFA.
Remodel of the Museum interior completed by Jou-Ming Lin Architect.
In April together with National Palace Museum, hosted "Landscapes of the Soul:An Exhibition Commemorating Chiang Chao-shen", coordinated by Lee Yi-Hong. In August Chu Teh-l was appointed the Director of the Museum. Museum committee members are Chang Tsu-Lung, Lin Chang-Hu, Chang Cheng-Jen, Dawn Cheng-Ping, Yang Chi-Wen, Ping Hsing, Le Ping-Ping and Jiang Yen-Chou. Lai Hsian-Ling and Lin Jou-Ming, the architect, start the museum interior remodelling plan.
In March, together with National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, KdMoFA staged the exhibition:"Waves Striking: One Hundred Years of Taiwanese Arts", curated by Liao Jen-l and Hu Yung-Fen. After the success of the exhibition, KdMoFA obtained a substantial grant from the Education Department of Taiwan to re-model the interior of the museum.
Chiu Kun-Liang, the principal of TNUA, established "Museum Preparation Committee". Chu Teh-l, the Director of Fine Arts Department, was appointed the coordinator of the project committee. The committee members includes Chang Tsu-Lung, Lai Chi-Man, Lin Hui-,Cheng, Yang Chi-Wen, Ping Hsing, and Le Ping-Ping.
Museum construction was completed.
Construction work of the museum building, designed by Lee Tsu-Yuan, began.
Ma Shui-Long, the former President of the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), launched "The Museum Planning Project" for the preparation of a new museum. Chang Tsu-Lung as coordinator of the project committee. Committee members include Chao Kuo-Tsung, Lai Rei-Ying, Lai Chi-Man, Chu Teh-l, Lin Hsin-Yueh, Dawn Chen-Ping, and Ho Huai-Shao.
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